October Newsletter

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Welcome to our October Newsletter. In this issue, we have general news items, including news of our YouTube video channel; three competitions for composers; a new album release as well as the usual reminders of calls for scores.

As always, do let me know of any newsworthy items, for the next issue, that would help you to publicise your events in or after December. Likewise, if you hear of any composers’ opportunities, just send an email to me at malcolmdedman [at] gmail [dot] com.


Performance Videos on YouTube

The latest videos to appear on our YouTube video channel, since the last newsletter was issued, are:

  • ‘Concerto for Double Bass’, by Pierre-Henri Wicomb, conducted by Robert Fokkens with Brydon Bolton as soloist;
  • ‘Friday nights at 6’ by Diale Mabitsela, performed by the South African New Music Ensemble and the members of the OSM Camerata, conducted by Robert Fokkens;
  • ‘Movement’ for viola and piano, by Chris Jeffery, performed by Waldo Alexander and Jill Richards;
  • Berk Interludes for piano solo, by Andrew Cruickshank, performed by Kathleen Tagg;
  • Sur le Calcul de WACC for two flutes, by Douglas Scott, performed by Douglas Scott and Handri Loots.

These were performed at the 2015 NewMusicSA Indaba, Odeion School of Music, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein.

Thanks to Douglas Scott for uploading these videos. Do visit this site and enjoy!


NMSA Life Membership

NewMusicSA would like to announce that past chairmen, Chris Jeffery and William Fourie, have both been awarded life membership of NMSA for their service to the organisation. Congratulations!


Composer Opportunities

  1. The Valentino Bucchi Foundation

The Valentino Bucchi Foundation in collaboration with Roman Philharmonic Academy and Universal Edition of Vienna on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Valentino Bucchi (1916 - 1976), announce the 38th edition of The International Composition Contest Valentino Bucchi Prize


Article 1. (Contestants) The Contest is reserved for composers from all countries born after 1st January 1973.

Article 2. (How to apply) To participate in the competition, candidates must submit two of their own compositions freely chosen by November 7, 2016 to: Secretariat of International Contests, Valentino Bucchi Foundation Via Ubaldini Peruzzi, 20-00139 Rome - Italy. The submitted compositions may be published or unpublished, already performed or never performed before. Three copies of each composition are required and, on all of them, the following information needs to be included: full name of the competitor, date and place of birth, nationality, title, form and duration of the composition. A copy in PDF format is required also, with the same indications as above, to be sent to this email address: bucchi [at] premiobucchi [dot] it. The application for participation in the competition must be done following all the instructions described in the registration form, which can be obtained via email. The winners of the first prize in previous editions may not enter this competition.

Article 3. (Selection Process) The competition is divided into two phases: First Stage (selection of finalists), an international jury, evaluating the works received, will select from a minimum of five to a maximum of seven composers who will be admitted to the second stage of the competition. Second Stage (Final Concert), a) The candidates admitted to the final phase will be invited to write an original composition for female voice and instrumental ensemble, with a duration between seven and nine minutes. b) The Civil Commitment, in the broadest sense, (theme very dear to Valentino Bucchi) will be the main theme of the lyrics which will be shown, suggested or personally written by eminent personalities of the Civil Society and literary and artistic world. c) The assignment of the different lyrics to the composers’ finalists will be determined by a draw to be made at the headquarters of the Roman Philharmonic Academy in the presence of the Foundation Representatives which announce the competition. d) The available instruments for the instrumental ensemble will be communicated to the finalists on the same day of the draw for the assignment of the lyrics. e) The selection of finalists, the assignment of the lyrics and the communication of the instrumental ensemble will take place no later than November 30, 2016. f) The scores with its separate parts must reach the secretariat of the competition by April 7, 2017. Three hard copies of the scores are required besides a copy in PDF by following the same procedures indicated in the article 2 of this announcement. g) The works produced will be performed in a public concert on May 18, 2017. This concert is planned as part of the Artistic Season 2016/17 of the Roman Philharmonic Academy and will be held at Sala Casella, Via Flaminia 118, in Rome. The interpretation of the scores will be entrusted to the resident ensemble of the Academy IMAGO SONORA which will play in the presence of an international jury. After the concert the Jury will proceed to the determination of the winning works. The concert will be recorded.

Article 4. (Winning Works) The winner will be awarded the Valentino Bucchi Prize unique and indivisible and a second prize. The jury may assign special mentions to finalist candidates who did not win the prizes awarded. The author of the winning entry for the Valentino Bucchi Prize will receive a study bursary expense of € 3,000, the publication of the work by the Universal Edition publishing house of Vienna, and will be involved in a future concert as part of the artistic activities of the Roman Philharmonic Academy. The second prize winner will receive a study bursary expense of € 1,000 and will be involved in a future concert as part of the artistic activities of the Roman Philharmonic Academy.

Article 5. (Jury of the Competition) The names of the Members of the international jury will be announced by November, 2016. The international Jury will appoint its own president, who will perform all the functions necessary to guide the evaluation process. The decisions taken by the international jury will be final. The international jury will retain the right not to award prizes.

Article 6 (Amendments to the Rules of Procedure) The award management organization reserves the right to make any changes to the present rules necessary for reasons of force majeure.

Article 7. (Fee) All participants must pay a registration fee of 70 Euros by bank transfer to: IT 70 Y 02008 05028 000101604283 Valentino Bucchi Foundation SWIFT BIC: UNCRITM1B96

Article 8. (Acceptance of the rules of the Regulation) The application for participation in the contest implies acceptance of all the rules hereby listed.

Article 9 (Jurisdiction) In the case of disputes, the only legally valid text will be held to be the contest rules written in the Italian language. Any disputes shall be referred to the court of Rome.


  1. Competition: Ensemble Nuove Musiche

Ensemble Nuove Musiche association announces an international competition whose award ceremony will take place in Savona (Italy) in 2017. The award ceremony of this call will be part of the 5th edition of the Festival Internazionale di Musica di Savona organized by them in the city of Savona.

Please visit their website for details. Note that there is no age limit and the deadline for submission is 15 April 2017. Full competition rules may be downloaded here.


  1. 2nd International Composition Contest Lams Matera “Gesualdo Reloaded - Matera 2019”

For full information, please visit their website.

Please download the complete announcement, including competition rules, here. Please note that the submission deadline is 28 November 2016.


New Album Release

Max Starke is happy to announce that his new album, entitled OFFWORLD, has recently been released on his Bandcamp page.

You can stream it via this link.

OFFWORLD is made up of a collection of audio samples and experimental recordings gathered over the last 15 years, plus some new elements added to the mix. Digitally sculpted into a conglomerate soundscape, it includes instrumental contributions by vocalist/guitarist Matthew Rice, drummer Byron R. Howell and features cover artwork (‘Recurring Dream’) painted by Helmut Starcke.

All three of Max’s albums, OFFWORLD, Cape Dimensions as well as FORGERY (a live recording with Ronan Skillen), can be streamed or downloaded via the links on his website albums page.


Reminders of Call for Scores

  1. 8th International Henri Dutilleux Composition Contest.

The finale of the 8th Dutilleux Contest will close the centennial-year of Henri Dutilleux's birth.

This great composer accompanied this contest’s activity over 20 years. He devoted his life to composing masterful works which now take part in the music legacy but also worked on promoting other composers’ works. This tremendous generosity is a wonderful heritage. We want to “keep promoting modern music” as wished by Henri Dutilleux!

935 composers competing from 58 countries, 7 finales. Over 100 creations from opera to piano thanks to numerous orders.
More than 250 concerts or performances. 550 spectators for the 7th contest finale. Over 100 000 € of works orders. 
Over 80 000 € of prizes awarded.

You will find every piece of information you may need on the Dutilleux Contest website. Also, students can enter at reduced fee.

Note that there is a no-age-limit policy for this contest. Also, submissions must be sent by 15 November 2016, latest.

Please download latest information.

  1. Risuonanze 2017 Call for Scores

      Associazione Culturale TKE is announcing a Call for Scores ‘Risuonanze 2017’.

The Call is open to composers of any nationality and age; its deadline is February 27, 2017.

      Please download here for detailed information.


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