Unyazi 2014

  • 9 – 13 September
  • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
  • Full Programme
  • Curator
    Cameron Harris
    cameronharris [at] newmusicsa [dot] org [dot] za
  • Curator
    Carl Stone
  • Committee Member
    Johan van Royen
  • Committee Member
    Joshua Hogg
  • Committee Member
    Alex Collins

Since the first festival in Johannesburg, 2005, Unyazi festivals have provided a platform for South Africa’s flourishing community of electronic composers and an interface with some of the most highly regarded international artists currently working in the field.

Unyazi IV (2014) is part of the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa festival which also includes the A MAZE digital arts and gaming festival. In addition, we are collaborating with the Society of South African Research in Music (SASRIM) conference to present events at the Wits Arts Museum.

This year the festival focuses on interaction between South African musicians/composers and those from Asia including Tomoko Momiyama (Japan), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Japan), Alfred Harth (South Korea/Germany), Carl Stone (Japan/US). Also performing are Ravish Momin (US) and Lukas Ligeti (Austria/US). South African artists who will be participating in the festival include Frank Mallows and Brydon Bolton. The South African New Music Ensemble will also perform at the festival.

Tomoko Momiyama arrived in Johannesburg on August 25th, and is currently collaborating intensively with South African artists to produce a new piece of work specifically linked to the experience of her time in the city. The work will be the result of Momiyama’s wide experience and study of culture, environment and human psychology.

Unyazi promotional video

Please see Unyazi 2014’s promotional video at:

Listening room

A well-equipped listening room will become a focal listening point for the festival. The room will be both aurally and physically at the centre of activities, positioned equidistant from all the concert venues. The room has high-quality AV equipment and surround sound and its playlist features a programme of 32 composers from 11 countries. Feel free to pop in for a moment or for a while.

“When Cameron Harris asked me if I would be interested to help curate the 2014 Unyazi Festival with an emphasis on music from what is sometimes called the Pacific Rim, I was glad to accept, and did so without hesitation. While I knew we would able to bring several wonderful artists to perform at the festival, it was clear that because of the limits of schedule and also budget many interesting artists would not be able to come in person. So I came up with the idea of a listening room, where people could gather and enjoy music in a relaxed setting, and where many pieces from my home base in Japan, as well as  South Africa, Australia,  Canada, China, Hong Kong, Korea, the Phillipines, Rwanda, Singapore, the USA, & Vietnam could be enjoyed. In the end, eight hours of music are being presented, all of them created especially for the medium of the loudspeaker. It has been a lot of fun to put together the program, and I hope those of you who can come by the festival and spend some time listening will enjoy it.”

— Carl Stone, Tokyo

University Corner Access Map

University Corner Access Map

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