Call for scores for Slovenia, 2015

Closing date: 17:00, Tuesday 15 September 2014

As the South African Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, NewMusicSA is required to submit six works to the ISCM to be considered by them for inclusion in the programme of the World Music Days 2015 in Slovenia, and hereby invites members to submit works for this purpose. At least one of the South African submissions is guaranteed to be performed at this festival, which will take place from 26 September to 1 October 2015.

Please see full details in the ISCM World Music Days 2015 PDF.

Unyazi 2014

  • 9 – 13 September
  • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

Unyazi IV (2014) — part of the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa festival — focuses on interaction between South African musicians/composers and those from Asia including Tomoko Momiyama (Japan), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (Japan), Alfred Harth (South Korea/Germany), Carl Stone (Japan/US). Also performing are Ravish Momin (US) and Lukas Ligeti (Austria/US). South African artists who will be participating in the festival include Frank Mallows and Brydon Bolton. The South African New Music Ensemble will also perform at the festival.

Tomoko Momiyama arrived in Johannesburg on August 25th, and is currently collaborating intensively with South African artists to produce a new piece of work specifically linked to the experience of her time in the city. The work will be the result of Momiyama’s wide experience and study of culture, environment and human psychology.


NewMusicSA is a non-profit section 21 company dedicated to supporting South African New Music. We also provide an important link to the international new music community in our role as the South African Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM). Your donation helps! The more funds we can raise the more we can do. We would be delighted if you would consider making a donation to us.


Visby Residencies

Carlquist Villa (opposite Composers' Hall) where composers are accommodated in a centrally-heated, self-catering flat

An exchange programme between VICC and NewMusicSA that sends two South African composers to Sweden for a month. It was initiated jointly by both organisations in December 2006 and provides two residencies a year at VICC, situated in the medieval town of Visby, which is the capital of the Swedish island of Gotland. The residencies include free accommodation per composer and free use of a well-equipped music studio — one studio per composer — for up to four weeks. To apply for 2015 click here.

Unyazi 2014 Listening Room

When Cameron Harris asked me if I would be interested to help curate the 2014 Unyazi Festival with an emphasis on music from what is sometimes called the Pacific Rim, I was glad to accept, and did so without hesitation. While I knew we would able to bring several wonderful artists to perform at the festival, it was clear that because of the limits of schedule and also budget many interesting artists would not be able to come in person. So I came up with the idea of a listening room, where people could gather and enjoy music in a relaxed setting, and where many pieces from my home base in Japan, as well as  South Africa, Australia,  Canada, China, Hong Kong, Korea, the Phillipines, Rwanda, Singapore, the USA, & Vietnam could be enjoyed. In the end, eight hours of music are being presented, all of them created especially for the medium of the loudspeaker. It has been a lot of fun to put together the program, and I hope those of you who can come by the festival and spend some time listening will enjoy it.
Carl Stone, Tokyo

August Newsletter

Dear Subscribers

The shackles of winter are borken and we welcome a blossoming month of concerts, workshops and the ISCM call for scores in September and have a quick glance at what NMSA was up to in the last month of August.

AGM Important Information

Dear Subscribers and Members

Please take note of a slight change of time and venue for the upcoming NewMusicSA AGM that is to be held at the Unyazi festival.


Dear Members,

Nagmusiek: Johannesburg Launch Postponed

Dear Subscribers

Nagmusiek by Stephanus Muller

Please note a change in the book launch programme for Nagmusiek. The Johannesburg launch has been postponed until further notice. We hope to see you in Stellenbosch, Cape Town or Pretoria.

Book Launch and Performance

 The book will launch in conjunction with a special performance of Arnold van Wyk’s Nagmusiek by Daniel-Ben Pienaar. Stephanus Muller will be in conversation with Professor Lou-Marie Kruger.

Concert information

Dear Subscriber 

Please see the information below regarding an upcoming concert.


July Newsletter

Dear Subscriber

July is behind us and what an exciting month it has been! NMSA would like to thank all the composers who entered for both the VICC residency as well as the Growing Composers Workshop. We are delighted to see increased numbers of entries each year!I this months addition you can look forward to more opportunities, concerts, and special offers for our members. Also, please be reminded of the ISCM call for scores that was sent out in last months editions.

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